I was born on 25.05.1977 (you may greet me with my birthday, in case today is the date). My great grandfather grant me his name Vladimir, my grandfather grant me his lastname Shlevin, my father grant me middlename and my mother... Well, she gave birth to me, I think it is a good gift.

   I was born in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Until age of 14 I lived a regular life, as many children of my age did -- studied in school, went to coteries, swam in summer and skied in winter. In 1991 I emmigrated with my family to Israel. Since then I live in Haifa.

   After graduating a high school in 1995 and the army service I began to study toward B.Sc. degree in Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. After two years of studies I quit the Technion and began B.Sc. studies in University of Haifa at the Department of Computer Sciences. I have completed my studies in 2006.

   In course of my studies I and my partner have developed a Lexmas system (Laboratory Experiments Management System) under supervision of Dr. Tsvi Kuflik, a lecturer and software engineer and project manager from the Department of Management Information Systems and with advising of Prof. Igal Elad from Volcani Centre (the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel) and Dr. Ilaria Pertot from Safecrop, a centre for research and development of crop protection located in IASMA (Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige) in San Michele, Italy. The Lexmas system was developed in collaboration with Safecrop Centre.
   Under Dr. Kuflik's supervision I also participated in PIL project (Peach-Israel), the extension of Peach (Personal Experience with Active Cultural Heritage) project that was developed in ITC (Istituto Trentino di Cultura) in Trento, Italy.

   From 2006 to 2009 I worked as software engineer at Korentec Technologies - a software company located in Haifa area. My specialization is .NET technologies.

   Since 2006 I work at Microsoft.

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